Dressage Tracker is a complete re-write of the original 2017 Dressage Tracker Android app; a fun piece of software written for my wife.

What's it about?  Dressage Tracker is designed to help you improve your performance at dressage - through keeping records of your test score sheets. For example, you can analyse individual or similar tests in great detail - highlighting your strengths and areas for development.

Photographs can be uploaded, and videos linked to YouTube - further serving as a diagnostic reference and happy memoire too!

You may choose to keep all your data hidden, or allow a chosen test to be celebrated out in public. Only registered users can create/comment on tests - and you moderate, before a comment is able to be published.

Hopefully the icons and menu options are fairly obvious, but here's a list of useful hints to get things rolling!

View/Add/Edit Horse
Selecting this icon will take you to the View/Add/Edit Horse screen. You need to create at least one horse before any tests can be recorded. So, if you have no horses, create one first!
Create new Test
Click/Press this icon and select the test you wish to enter the judge's scores and comments.
Dressage Tracker (My Tests on mobile/tablet)
View your tests feed. Also see comments from other users (if test was set to Public).
Clicking/tapping the title of the test will take you to the score sheet.
Three graphs are available:
  Placing will draw a pie chart showing an overview of the proportion of 1st, 2nd, ...,10th, below 10th places. Clicking/tapping a sector will list all the tests for the selected position. Click/tap on a listed test to view the score sheet.
  Tests Analysis will draw a frequency polygon, where each purple circle reflects the mean average mark awarded for each transition (row of the score sheet).  Click/tap a purple circle to see the judges' comments for the transition. This feature is particularly useful for identifying precisely your stengths and areas for development.
  Progress Over Time will draw a bar chart for tests in chronological order; expressed as a percentage. Click/tap on a bar to view the score sheet.

Entering a test

With your test score sheet close to hand, click/tap the Create new Test icon. You can do the following:

  • fill in the judge's scores and comments;
  • upload a photo;
  • copy the web link (often called a URL) of the YouTube video, and paste;
  • SAVE.

Who can see my test?

This icon shows the test will NOT be shown publicly on the home screen (by default)
This icon shows the test WILL be shown publicly on the home screen

If you choose to have the test appear publicly, you will have one of four media choices:

None : Only your test, date and percentage will appear on the home screen. Other users will be able to write a comment (but will not appear until you moderate).
YouTube video : Your linked YouTube video will appear.
Image uploaded : Your uploaded image will appear.
Both YouTube & Image : Both image and video appears.